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Hey y’all! Been meaning to make a FAQ post for a while now and if there’s any more FAQ we should add, let us know!

Where’s my order?

Since most of our products are pre-order and due to COVID restrictions, they can range from 2-4 months. It all depends on getting the elements, as well as making sure that everything is printed and duplicated to our standards. Once we have the completed product in hand, the shipping process alone can take anywhere from 2-3 week, since they all have to be sealed and packaged by hand. We are an extremely small team, so sadly there are always going to be things that slip under the rug, so never hesitate to check in with us and ask. Feel free to email us at with any questions about your order. Please do not direct message us or use the website chat to ask about orders, as messages there are harder to organize and keep track of. Email is the best way to go! We are here to answer any questions and fix any issues that may arise.

Why are these products mostly pre-order?

We use the funds from the pre-order to finance the production and licensing. The images used for ads are digital mock ups of the final product and there could be small changes made during the pre-order timeframe. We prefer this practice as it can insure that we have all the costs covered for these licensed runs, one less thing to worry about early on in the process.

My order came damaged or wrong. What do I do?

There’s always going to be hiccups during duplication or shipping, and we want to make it right! You can send us a detailed email of the issue(s) with your order number to Be sure to attach any images that may help us figure out what went wrong and we will correct any mistake that comes up To the best of our ability.

I ordered an item in stock along with a pre-order. When can I expect my order?

Any order placed with a pre-order item will be shipped when the pre-order item arrives. If you would rather immediately get the item that is in stock and then separately wait for your pre-order item, please order them apart and contact us to our “helpme” email so we can cover the second shipping cost on the house!

I live overseas. Why is my shipping cost so much?

For overseas shipping, we use flat fees to certain regions to avoid confusion on our end. However, regions like Australia or New Zealand, we have a flat fee that is usually cheaper than the final cost they you pay. We take a hit for those orders, but we don’t care, we are just excited for you to have our stuff.

Why are certain products geo restricted?

Where we can sell certain titles depends on the licenses we deal with. Some titles have multiple license holders all across the world and since we are located in the States, that’s usually where our products can be sold. We try to have our titles be Worldwide, but every title agreement is different.

I‘ve made an independent film that I want to have on VHS. What is the process?

For indie features (especially ones made during the COVID era), we have two ways of going about this. We have our RRV Selects line that showcases new, unique independent films where we pay you a flat licensing fee to distribute your film on VHS. Alternatively, if you want us to duplicate and print a VHS run for you to sell on your own, we can discuss a deal that works best for you. You will have to pay the production costs, but the tapes are yours to sell and keep 100% of the profits. You can email us at with a trailer and any promotional art and we will see what works best for you! Every situation is unique and we want to make it worth wild for the filmmakers and to get your film out there.

I’m an artist and want to have my art on the site or on a future product. Where can I send an email?

We typically don’t use external artist for our products, however, it never hurts to shoot your shot! You can email us at our ’helpme’ email listed above with your portfolio and any other infomation you we would want to know. We like to repost and showcase original art on our Instagram, so we are excited to see your work.

I have a request for a new film on VHS.

We do not take request directly, however, we are always interested to hear titles that you have in mind. You can email our ‘help me’ email with suggestions.


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