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Despite posting on our stories regularly with shipping updates, It seems like it might be best if we have a solid post explain the current RRV COVID-19 situation. We have gotten many questions recently and instead of trying to individually respond, we are here to update everyone on their orders. This has been a VERY, VERY difficult time for us and other small online businesses so please be patient and kind as we are working to resolve all these issues. ... If your order number is 10626 to 10726 and have not received your order or any shipping updates, our printer miscounted our order and we do not have those boxes available (that’s why you might see that some people have gotten their orders while some have not). We have been contacting print shops that might potentially have the card stock we need, however most print shops are non-essential and are CLOSED due to COVID-19 mandates. We have a couple of leads and will be sending out shipping confirmations whenever we find somewhere that will print our stuff.

... For orders 10726 and higher, all new licensed titles expect for Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers are PRE-ORDERS. All tapes are duplicated and ready to go, it’s the boxes that are the hold up as, yet again, most print shops are closed for the time being.


Direct Messages can, and usually, get lost. If we don’t reply to your email right away, don’t freak as we are constantly updating and reply to emails as fast as we can. We greatly appreciate the amount of the support we have gotten as we transition to becoming a more legit VHS distributor with all officially licensed releases and we ask you all for your patience and understanding.


Thank you all, love you all, and stay safe.



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