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THIS PRE-ORDER ITEM. Expected to ship 2-4 months.

When gorgeous dancers start turning up at the Van Slake theatre with their throats slashed – and worse – the police know they have a lunatic on the loose. The force’s most beautiful detective, Tori Raines (Cindy Maranne), goes undercover as a dancer in order to root out the killer. But between the weird twin brothers who run the theater, the perverted stage manager and ghost-like figure who haunts the place, Tori has more suspects than she can handle. When her fellow dancers start dropping like flies, Tori knows she’s next – and faces the psycho in a last-chance dance of death! It’s a surprise ending you will never SLASHDANCE!

Slashdance (Officially Licensed) dir. James Shyman

  • PRE-ORDER means that the product is not ready yet. We set up pre-orders to fund the printing and production. This process might take up to 2/3 months until item is ready to ship*. An automatic email will inform you of your tracking number. Typically, we print all of the shipping labels at one time. This does not mean that your order is ready to ship just yet. We will post on our Instagram when the items are in hand and actually shipping. We are a small team and it might take up to 2 weeks to ship every pre-order, but we are always open to answer any questions regarding your order at


    *Production might be faster but usually not the case during COVID times.

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