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This release includes both the original cut from 2002 and the new straight cut from 2020 in a beautiful double cassette slipcase!

Acclaimed filmmaker Gaspar Noé’s unflinching exploration of human savagery and the uncompromising nature of time, IRREVERSIBLE was met with a groundswell of acclaim and uproar upon its premiere at the opening night of Cannes in 2002. Stylish, sexually frank, and brutal, the film’s conceit of exploring the events of one terrible night on the streets of Paris in reverse chronological order was celebrated and derided in equal measure, helping to further cement Noé’s legacy as a cinematic enfant terrible.

“...Most people will not want to see the film at all. It is so violent, it shows such cruelty, that it is a test most people will not want to endure. But it is unflinchingly honest about the crime of [assault]. It does not exploit. It does not pander. It has been said that no matter what it pretends, pornography argues for what it shows. "Irreversible" is not pornography.” –Roger Ebert, 2003

Irreversible (Officially Licensed) dir. Gasper Noe

SKU: rrvn003
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