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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. and Retro Release Video are proud to present the tenth volume in the limited edition The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs VHS cassette series, Demon Wind!

After his father commits suicide, Cory - and his many, many friends - decides to visit the remains of his dilapidated family farm out in the middle of nowhere in order to investigate the mysterious destruction of his relatives sixty years prior.

“I don’t know what happened here but you can sure tell Death walked through this place.”

But something is waiting for Cory. Something ancient, and malevolent. And no-one could have predicted the hell that Cory and his buddies would discover: a living nightmare brought upon them by the evil carried on the wind… the DEMON WIND. And also fog.

DEMON WIND… the horror movie that has everything!

Demon zombie things!
Mysteriously powerful snow globes!
A rabbit!

Even Lou Diamond Phillips couldn’t keep away!

“And now, my pig, you die.”

Boasting impressive makeup FX and an atmospheric soundtrack, not to mention baffling character interactions and an even more bewildering screenplay, Demon Wind has gained cult status since its original release in 1990 — let the Drive-In host Joe Bob explain why when he blasts you with his trademarked gusts of trivia asides & knowledge gales in this Mutant favorite episode of Shudder’s The Last Drive-In, available on limited green VHS cassette shells with ultra limited Blue VHS cassette shells and featuring cover artwork by Cody Schibi!

Demon Wind Special (Officially Licensed)The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob

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