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A fiery meteorite crashed into the woods, unleashing its deadly occupant to search for food. The multi-headed alien begins its reproductive cycle by violently attacking and consuming two young campers. Gorged with food, the monster finds its way into a dark basement where it gives birth to thousands of spawn; fish-like creatures with insatiable appetites. These alien larve attack most everything, and quickly chew their way through the pipes and wiring. When Sam goes downstairs to investigate, the aliens viciously attack and consume him. His wife and the electrician are next in line as the mother alien and baby spawn quickyl grow in size and number. Can mankind survive a battle with the ultimate eatting machine? Take cover wherever you can, but whatever you do, do not go into the basement!82 minutes

The Deadly Spawn (Officially Licensed) dir. Douglas McKeown

  • PRE-ORDER means that the product is not ready yet. We set up pre-orders to fund the printing and production. This process might take up to 2/3 months until item is ready to ship*. An automatic email will inform you of your tracking number. Typically, we print all of the shipping labels at one time. This does not mean that your order is ready to ship just yet. We will post on our Instagram when the items are in hand and actually shipping. We are a small team and it might take up to 2 weeks to ship every pre-order, but we are always open to answer any questions regarding your order at


    *Production might be faster but usually not the case during COVID times.

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