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Bad Taste Video in collaboration with Nicholas Muñoz and Retro Release Video is proud to present... ESTE DOES NOT MAKE A MOVIE. A young amateur filmmaker (Estevan Munoz) is hired to be the behind-the-scenes director of a local indie film. However, when the production crew doesn’t entertain his spontaneous artistic impulses, Este quickly spirals into a maddened pursuit of creative control.


Hailed as the magnum opus of the Munoz brothers’ many collaborative efforts; the film is an ambitiously unique entry into the meta sub-genre. Aggressively hilarious yet highly disturbing, Este Does Not Make a Movie is truly an unforgettable experience for all who witness its untamed madness.


RRV Selects is excited to unveil the downward spiral that is ESTE DOES NOT MAKE A MOVIE.

Este Does Not Make A Movie (dir. Nicholas B. Muñoz )

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