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Desire's Escape is 42 minutes of blood pumping thrills saturated in ultra-vivid crimson. Draped in black latex, chanteuse Megan Louise teams up with composer Johnny Jewel (Twin Peaks, Drive, Lost River, Bronson) in this seance for the lost. It's electronic Dream Pop for the new dark age. Our heroine turns villain, carrying the torch of vaudeville camp while singing "It's a horror show...don't you know?" She's frozen in time, hurling through space on this spinning sphere we call Earth. Staring deeply into the mortality of her own reflection, she disappears like a ghost into a maze of mirrors. Claw your way out of the void...

Lights, Camera, Escape!

ESCAPE closes with the reverent whisper of an ambient breath suspended in time. It's a heavenly new age in a room with a view. Our heroine sings "They Can Have The World Babe, I Don't Need Anything But You". Through all of the cosmic distortion in life, the look in one another's eyes is the most precious thing; an idea of "Home". As we lose ourselves hurling through the universe on a spinning sphere we call Earth...Home is where True Love lives.  In this society, we are taught how to love & we are taught how to hate. The journey of our lives is about decoding that programming & finding our own path. As we do, we turn the page, it's time for Chapter 3…

Escape (Officially Licensed) dir. DESIRE

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