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A mysterious being, known only as ‘Coffintooth’, welcomes you to his creepy domain. It is in this lair that you must bear witness to three chilling tales of carnage, terror and madness in BENEATH THE OLD DARK HOUSE.  Join Scream Queen Legend Brinke Stevens (SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA), Christy Johnson (Tobe Hooper's MORTUARY, TOXIC TUTU) and Kaylee Williams (MODEL HUNGER, MRS. CLAUS, THE BARN PART II) as they encounter killer dolls, witches and madmen in this anthology of horror written and directed by Matt Cloude. 

Born and raised in Luray, VA, Matt Cloude was inspired by films at a young age after seeing THE WIZARD OF OZ and classic Universal Monsters films. In his pre-teens, his love of the horror genre grew thanks to such franchises as FRIDAY THE 13TH, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, PHANTASM, and HALLOWEEN. By age 13, he was making home movies with a Panasonic PV-D209 VHS-C Camcorder and making monster masks out of latex and cotton. In 2007, Cloude pressed ahead with his own feature, BLOODBATH IN CREIGHTONVILLE, his love letter tobackwoods-redneck horror. Cloude's work on that film gave him the opportunity to do makeup FX work on SKELETON KEY 2, the PLAN 9 remake and THE LOVECRAFT CHRONICLES. His Directorial Credits include TROMA'S GRINDSPLOITATION 666, GORE THEATRE and BLOODY BALLET aka FANTASMA!

RRV Selects invites you to enter at your own risk BENEATH THE OLD DARK HOUSE.

Beneath the Old Dark House (dir. Matt Cloude)

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$9.98Sale Price
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