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Ramirez Hishkenstien, a disturbed and eccentric film director of exploitation cinema, hits the back roads of America with his DP, Flanksteak. Together they experience a barrage of psychedelic, satanic and surreal nightmares.   This occult exploitation horror satire blends the line between short film and feature film, coming from Garrett R.C Knowles of Wicker Sticks Sinema. " While it's a self aware and humorous sleaze fest, the film comes from a place of love and adoration for 1970's culture while commenting on the very nature of exploitation and fear mongering as a means to entertain "                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Garrett R.C Knowles RRV Selects is excited to present the quintessential exploitation exploit...                                                                                                                  BAD PEOPLE DOING BAD THINGS

Bad People Doing Bad Things (dir. Garrett Knowles)

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