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There’s a new reaper in town... DEATH DUMMY! Three friends set out to find a prime filming location for their wannabe horror film. Little do they know there is a tiny killer on the loose who likes to randomly kill people for no reason at all, he’s DEATH DUMMY and he’s hungry for blood! 

Born and raised in rural central Pennsylvania, Matty Calhoun was a small town kid destined to be a filmmaker. After seeing classic sci-fi films like Star Wars & Jaws, horror films such as the locally filmed Night of the Living Dead, as well as his all-time favorite b-movie's Spookies, Matty was inspired to make his own films. Back in the late 1980's, his parents purchased their first VHS camcorder, Matty and his older brother Brady took as many opportunities as possible to make their own short films with one of their earliest shorts a Star Wars and Terminator rip-off named Robo-Hunter. By his mid-teens, Matty had made many short comedy skits on VHS and 8mm with his brother Brady as well as his childhood friends including Jeremy Clark. Over the years, Matty and Jeremy have collaborated on all of their projects, co-directing most of them as well as sharing writing credits, special effects, cinematography, acting, and everything involving their films. Later movies such as the classic shot on video Splatter Farm inspired the teens to continue making their own short, campy slashers. Throughout the late 1990's and 2000's, the friends made many films such as the 1996 short Cyclops Killer, 2003's Horror Party and the 2007 farmhouse slasher Dead End Drive. More recently, Matty and Jeremy have both used their indie film making knowledge and experience to help out on many feature films such as the 2019 indie-horror The Sideling Hill, and 2018's WrestleMassacre. The duos latest directed feature film is the 2020 found footage spoof A Paranormal Documentary aka The Bloody Backwoods
Pennsylvania Disembowelment. 

RRV Selects summons from the depths of rural Pennsylvania DEATH DUMMY.

Death Dummy (dir. Matty Calhoun)

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